About Taylor-Made Decorating

Taylor-Made is run by Dave Taylor which has been operating since 2006. Back in the day, Dave learned the trade from being an engineer, self-teaching and through attending several college courses such as welding, decorating etc.

Dave is a hands-on guy with a hobby interest in classic/antique cars, DIY projects and keeping fit.

What Taylor-Made do

We focus on providing professional painting, decorating and renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms. We can also carry out smaller jobs such as gardening, fencing, repairs and installations. For more details, please view our full list of Services

Recent Taylor-Made work

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Why Taylor Made?

  • Honest, trustworthy and friendly

  • Skills and experience

  • All jobs covered

  • Fair quotes and no surprises

Get the job done and done right

Our work ethic is to do a job properly. So many times we see poor workmanship, botches and tangles of pipes. Other workmen might just work around that or cover it over as it's not their problem.

Our approach is different - we want to make sure everything is structurally sound, safe and fit for purpose. We'll keep you informed every step of the way so there are no surprises. But in the end, you can be sure that the job has been done right to a high standard.

When it comes to presentation & the finishing touches, we make sure that is top notch too!

At the end of the day, we clean up, vacuum and keep everything tidy for you.
No mess!


Q. What is your availability?

A. Small jobs we can usually accommodate within a week although bigger jobs may need to be fitted around existing bookings. It's a good idea to contact me to discuss current availability

Q. Do your prices include VAT?

A. Taylor-Made is run as a sole trader and thus do not need to charge VAT on our jobs. However materials purchased may still incur VAT.

Q. I have to go to work, can I leave you to it?

A. Yes, we commonly work on unoccupied homes. Just leave us a key and any instructions. We'll ensure your house is clean, tidy and secure when you return home.

Q. Do I need a qualified/accredited electrician or plumber?

A. For electrical or boiler work, a GasSafe engineer or NICEIC accredited electrician is a legal requirement. However Taylor-Made can source reliable qualified people who we have worked with before and trust.

Q. Can you carry out the entire job?

A. Yes, one of the benefits of Taylor-Made is we can do everything - including pipework, removing radiators, adjustments and structural work. This means you don't have to keep bringing in extra contractors. The only exception is the electrician/plumber for specific work which has legal implications as mentioned above.

Q. I've seen something I like on your Website/Facebook, could you do me a similar job?

A. Absolutely. If you can send us a link to what you were looking at, we can review the original job and try to source the same materials.